Welcome to International Academy of Hotel Management

Welcome to the International Academy of Hotel Management with its branches in Agra / Delhi / Malaysia.

Unlock a world of endless opportunities in the thriving field of hospitality. As the hospitality industry continues to expand globally, the demand for skilled professionals is soaring. At International Academy of Hotel Management, we empower students to excel in this dynamic sector and embark on a remarkable journey of success.

With a commitment to excellence in education and industry-focused training, IAHM equips aspiring hoteliers with the knowledge, skills, and experience to thrive in the global hospitality landscape. We take immense pride in nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and developing well-rounded professionals who are sought after by renowned hotel chains around the world.


Campus Placement

We provide 100% placement for potential students with the best remuneration packages.



More than 17000 IAHMians working with renowned Hotel Groups, Airlines, Cruises etc across the world.

35+ Years

Experienced Faculties

Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculties including vast experience of Hospitality Industry.


Countries International Internship Option

Courses with International Internships in countries like Malaysia, France, Dubai etc, progressively enhance candidate's career path.


Hoteliors in Advisory Council

More than 100 of hoteliers from top brands of hotels worldwide are in the advisory council of IAHM.