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IAHM Is Among The Best Hotel Management Institutes In Agra. The Institute Is Determined To Create The Future Hospitality Leaders For The Industry.

Hotel Industry Is One Of The Fastest-Growing Industry In All Over The World. Students Who Choose The Hotel Management Course Need To Have A Very Good Attitude And Aptitude. Presence Of Mind, Communication Skills, And A Pleasant Personality Also Play A Vital Role Here. The Students In Our Hotel Management Institute Get A Chance To Develop All These Skills. When A Student Joins IHA, We Assure A Great Future In The Industry.

Why Hospitality ?

  • Most dynamic industry which continues to grow.
  • WTO prediction - By 2020 will be the largest industry in the world.
  • Never ending employment for right people with right education & attitude.
  • Multi dimensional opening - Events, Theme Parks, Restaurants, Catering, Resorts, Airlines, Cruise-liners etc.
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Indian Perspective

  • The Industry will need 3.5 Million skilled employees over the next five years.
  • In next two years international Holtel Chains will Invest Rs 43,300 Crore in Indian Hospitality Sector.
  • 40 new hotel chains with 150 new hotels entering the Indian Market, the hospitality sector is reaching its peak. Opportunities are in numerable.
  • The Hospitality industry being service intensive has a wide range of jobs on offer.
  • It is exciting fun loving, glamorous industry.
  • For those with the specialized training, growth is limit less.
  • The Tourism & Hospitality Industry is the fastest growing sector of the world.
  • It Opens up great opportunities in many different fields. People with never stop eating so we will never go out of business.

International Perspective

  • Approximately 10% of worldwide employment is in travel and tourism
  • 262 million jobs worldwide are expected by 2020 even after today's economic slowdown.
  • Managerial positions in the industry are estimated at 600,000 (Accenture Study)
  • By 2020, Over 2.5 billion international tourists' arrivals are expected worldwide (around 65% invrease compared to 2014)
  • Indians are regarded as best in the world
  • Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, U.K, U.S.A offers Permanent residency to Hotel Management Professionals.